‘Get a showreel’ they say ‘then we’ll see you for castings’….how do you go about getting a showreel without the castings?! You have to bow to one of the many companies out there offering professional showreels. This is all very well if you can find the hundreds of pounds to have it made.


At MAP we offer Showreels at affordable prices with professional results. All of our clients are given the time they need to work on the script and are offered professional coaching on the shoot day, whilst experiencing full 'on-set' conditions. Watch our work here. 



We offer actors the chance to work solo or in

2's or 3's and to film scenes in one day with our

3 options...


OPTION 1: To film a reel on your own, you should find actors to work with.

You can shoot up to three scenes in a day working solo, so, find 3 actors

willing to help out and get a 3 scene reel for just £210.


OPTION 2: Shooting with another actor who wants to get a reel from it is a

similar deal. You can shoot up to 3 scenes (but bear in mind you'll have the

same actor in all your reel!) and both actors pay just £165.


OPTION 3: The best option is to find 2 other actors who want a reel - this

means you shoot 3 scenes in a day and each actor takes away a 2 scene

reel with 2 different actors. This option is just £130 per actor.


Actors are encouraged to bring scenes they have written themselves or that

they have previously seen/read. MAP are unable to write scenes for you.


Got some footage you want adding in? Just £15 extra will see all your work

tied up in one neat package!



















FAQ's: All scripts must be provded by the actors. Rehearsals can be arranged at a rate of £30/hour per scene.


MAP cannot provide actors to work in scenes and your scene partners must be found by yourselves.


If you have existing footage and simply want a reel creating from that, the cost is just £50.


Your completed Showreel is yours to share as you see fit. MAP, however, will own the rights to the footage and are free to use it as promotional, presentation or other material in the future. Scenes can be purchased in full for £50.

All prices inclusive of VAT.

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Visit MAP's YouTube channel here for all the videos.

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