Acting For Camera

With Karen Henthorn






This course was launched sometime ago and recieved huge numbers of applications. So, we brought it back AGAIN!


This frist course will take place over 8 weeks; 1 night a week for 4 hours. (5:30-9:30pm). The small numbers in the classes ensure that the work is detailed, focussed and intense.


This ENTRY CLASS provides the first of 3 terms, moving into ADVANCED and PROFESSIONAL classes. The 3 terms are progressive training and each term must be completed before progressing to the next.















£40 / week (Paying Weekly)

£280 for all 6 weeks (Early Bird Deal)

To take advantage of the Early Bird Deal, payment must be made before the first class.

A £80 deposit is required from all students to secure a place on the course.

These payments can be made upon registration.



Every Wednesday Evening

16th Jan - 6th March




8 Albion st

M1 5LN



We never take on more than 12 students to ensure MAXIMUM contact-

time for each student & to ensure it's not just 5 minutes in front of a camera,

but a proper and thorough training,


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Places are offered on a first-come, first-served basis. If you are

unsuccessful, you will be added to the waiting list.



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All actors on the course must agree to work under the terms

outlined in the MAP Code of Conduct.

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PLEASE NOTE: The course is a progressive course and work will be done primarily in pairs, running to the model of professional actor training. Whereas we fully appreciate that there are some unavoidable situations, we would ask that students only sign up to this course who can FULLY commit to the full 8 weeks. In missing a week, not only will your work suffer, but your absence will have a detrimental effect on your working partner. If we feel that an actor has not reached the standard we expect from our students, at the end of a 6 week block, we may ask actors to re-visit the same 8 weeks again. This decision is at the discretion of Manchester Actors' Platform all students will have their work assessed throughout.

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With returning specialist, Karen Henthorn, the classes will cover all of the essentials that any screen actor needs, from working for the truth on camera, to active listening, scene work, on-set jargon, hitting marks, the 'TV Voice' and more. Karen has worked extensively in screen acting for over a decade and has graced our screens in hit television shows such as 'The Street', 'Silent Witness', 'In The Flesh', 'Coronation Street', 'Shameless' and more. Alongside this, Karen has not only taught, but designed courses at some of the leading, 'Drama UK' accredited Drama Schools in the country including; Rose Bruford, Birmingham School of Acting, Manchester Metropolitan School of Theatre and Italia Conti as well as many other incredibly successful establishments.