With John Askew





This unique workshop is designed to demystify the process of

Commercial Casting, practically prepare actors for these meetings,

and provide insider knowledge on how to maximise your chances

in these auditions.


Actors usually find commercial castings difficult, overwhelming and

impersonal. These auditions are often brief, provide the actor with

little information about what is expected of them, and can feel like a

cattle call. Under these circumstances it is common for actors to

feel stifled and unable to apply their skills and training.


Through better understanding and a mock casting session, students will leave this workshop armed with a complete toolkit, giving them the confidence and skills necessary to maximise their chances, and an understanding of the actors role within the commercial casting process.


In addition to the practical casting session, students will receive personal feedback, and learn the insider hints and tips to best their chances of booking the job and being repeatedly called in by the top Commercial Casting Directors.


They will know exactly what to expect, exactly how to prepare, and exactly what to do in the audition room.


About John Askew

John works as both an Actor and a Commercial Casting Director, enabling him to provide a really detailed insight into the world of advert casting from both sides of the table.


As an Actor he was represented by one of the top Commercial Casting Agents in the UK and has been to hundreds of these auditions. He has worked on an array of campaigns, from global brand television adverts (Samsung, McDonalds, TAG Heuer, Strongbow etc) to small brand internet only releases (Cornetto, Poloroid, GiffGaff etc).


As a Casting Director he worked with two of the top Commercial Casting Offices; ET Casting CDA CDG and Tree Petts CDG. During which time he worked on commercials for Disney, Npower, BT, PayPal, Duracell, Tesco, Jaguar, Curry’s PC World and Virgin Media to name a few.


“Since the workshop I have been recalled and pencilled on every casting ”

Past Student


“John’s session during drama school has proved invaluable to me and I often look back over the notes before commercial auditions. I am about to film my second advert in as many months. Thanks John”

Past Student


“The nature of the workshop was perfect”

Drama School Head of Acting


“John’s tone and manner with actors is great”

Drama School Acting Tutor








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10:30 - 5:30







8 Albion St


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A non-refundable deposit of £30 is required immediately to confirm your booking. Once the deposit has been paid, cancellations can be made but deposits will be retained.


Actors are expected to operate under the MAP Code of Conduct throughout the workshop. Failure to do so will result in them being asked to leave - no refunds will be made in these instances.



All actors on the course must agree to work under the terms outlined in the MAP Code of Conduct.











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