MAP 5D is a power-shot, intensive 5 day course aimed at injecting some nitro into your career, mindset and motivation, re-aligning your objectives, consolidating your skills and/or learning new ones. Whether you're a veteran actor or fresh to the business, our professional and vastly experienced staff might not make you 'famous in a week' but they will spend some quality time in small groups, sharing their expert knowledge on their specialist subjects & introducing you to members of the industry for some vitally important Professional Prep seminars.

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Acting across all mediums requires the body to be fully connected to the task at hand; it is a physical process. Again, somewhat overlooked in the lower echelons of training, the ability to have an aware and articulate body is incredibly important and over this week, industry professional Elianne Hawley will guide you through elements of fundamental, physical work, beginning with the awareness of the body

For the first time ever, MAP are offering a limited number of students a BRAND NEW 5 day course. For one week in July, we will be offering an intensive, full time course covering essential skills such as Movement and Voice and whilst also delving into the processes of Screen and Stage Acting.


All our staff teach students on accredited and recognised Drama Schools across the country, as well as directing, acting & coaching professionals on stage and screen in their specialised fields. These four principles will form the back bone of the 5 day course, supported by a 30 minute warm up every morning, mirroring that of the full time Drama Schools. In addition to this, each evening, the course will offer Professional Preparation classes. These sessions, often overlooked in other training programmes, will cover everything you need to package yourself not just as an actor, but as a business in an already overpopulated industry. These sessions will involve mock castings, heashot sessions, QnA's and more.


All in all the 5 days will act either as a kick-start into the profession, a freshen up of the skills you already have or a combination of learning and polishing your skills.


This course will act as an introduction to Screen Acting with MAP, covering some of the essentials for Screen Actors, from discussing your casting and USP’s, remaining open and engaged, playing your space and emotional connection to dealing with the complexities of hitting marks and continuity. All of this will be whilst maintaining a truthful and consistent inner monologue. Working with incredible detail, actors will start to realise the intensity of Screen Acting with one of the countries leading practitioners with a raft of on-screen experience.


This class introduces actors to the principles of Stanislavski and Uta Hagen with regards to breaking down and mining a script in order to develop characters and the worlds in which plays exist right from the first read to performance. Actors will undertake exercises to underpin and develop the foundations of their own process in their rehearsals and in their professional life which can then be taken forward and applied to play/TV scripts. During the process, actors will be exposed to different techniques and skill-sets which they can take forward into their professional careers.


A huge part of an actor’s arsenal is the ability to successfully represent themselves prior to and in an audition scenario, whether this be for stage or screen. Over the week, actors will be worked with on headshots, audition technique, sight-reading, the quick dissection of scripts, making appropriate choices and self-presentation. Mock auditions will be held with industry professionals from the TV and Stage industry, with detailed feedback. This offers not only the chance to improve their audition technique but gives them some exposure to casting directors, producers & directors.

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Voice is a vastly underestimated tool for actors, particularly with the rise of a new style of screen acting; the mumble! For this intensive week, actors will be working towards an awareness of body and voice as one of the primary means of expression in all mediums. Students will work on a selection of techniques with industry expert Nic Redman, focussing on posture, release, breath control and articulation. Classes will be aimed towards providing actors, both for screen and stage, a number of exercises to develop their tool whilst guiding actors towards recognising the importance of vocal range, projection and control in portraying truthful and embodied characters.


and moving to touch upon how important the truthful embodiment of a character can limitlessly improve performances, connecting thought, speech and movement. These classes will provide some choice exercises to improve awareness of postural alignment, stamina and flexibility.

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A non-refundable deposit of £75 is required immediately to confirm your booking.

All participants must be available for both days. Once the deposit has been paid, cancellations can be made but deposits will be retained. Actors are expected to operate under the MAP Code of Conduct throughout the workshop. Failure to do so will result in them being asked to leave - no refunds will be made in these instances.


All actors on the course must agree to work under the terms outlined in the MAP Code of Conduct.


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